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Robert M. Scaer, PE, President and COOWe approach our stewardship of the environment from many perspectives. In our own business practices, we pledge to reduce the use of natural resources and raise environmental awareness among our employees. We are committed to the environment through our employee involvement, in which our passion for supporting community programs is recognized in countless volunteer efforts. In the projects we deliver, we partner with our clients to protect the environment, manage our natural resources, and create a more sustainable future. We bring a sample of these projects to the forefront in this issue of Forces of Change.

Our cover story on the Mon/Fayette Expressway in western Pennsylvania explores how careful planning avoided obstruction of views along the first federally funded highway in the U.S., the National Road. The project team also took a creative approach to addressing the Pittsburgh Coal Seam, which stretches beneath the entire length of the 17-mile expressway. To ensure solid footing of the new highway, a fluid material including flyash was inserted into each of the coal mine voids.

We explore the rehabilitation of the century-old Nesbitt Dam in Pennsylvania, in which we used proprietary 3-D geometry software to gain a visual understanding of the site’s geology and to develop solutions that increase spillway capacity, improve stability, and contain seepage. At a dam site in Arizona, Gannett Fleming is engineering a new structure that will provide a reliable water supply to the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

Water, one of the world’s most powerful natural resources, is the topic of the story, PROTECTING THE FUTURE. We highlight the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to improve the U.S. levee system and increase the safety and security of people and wildlife. Tapping into the talent of our geophysics team, Gannett Fleming applied multichannel analysis of surface waves to evaluate the stability of five levees along a portion of the East Coast Protective Levee system in Broward County, Florida.

If you have any questions about the topics in this issue, please let us know. Contact information is included at the end of every article. We are passionate about our work, safeguarding the environment, and would be glad to talk to you.

Bob Robert M. Scaer, PE
President and COO